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There have been many books written on Native Trees and Shrubs of  South-Eastern Australia. In my opinion the most thorough publication is, Trees and Shrubs of South-Eastern Australia By Leon Costermans published by Rigby Publishers.


Poached coral_Fern.jpg (43305 bytes)

Poached Coral Fern 

 (Gleichenia dicarpa)

Trigger-Plant.jpg (26868 bytes)

Trigger Plant

(Stylidium graminifolium)

Flowers in Spring

Blanket leaf.jpg (38778 bytes)

Blanket leaf

(Bedfordia arborescens)

Flowers November to December

Alpine baeckea.jpg (37893 bytes)

Alpine Baeckea

(Baeckea gunniana)

Flowers in summer


Snow-gum.jpg (56261 bytes)

Royal_Grevillea.jpg (25608 bytes)

spike_wattle.jpg (36408 bytes) mountain_leafless_bossiae.jpg (23114 bytes)

Snow Gum

(Eucalyptus pauciflora)

Flowers October to February.

If you look hard under the left side of the tree you can see a common Wombat burrow. 

(Vombatus ursinus)


Royal Grevillea

(Grevillea victoriae)

Flowers November to February.

Spike Wattle

(Acacia oxycedrus)

Flowers July to October.

Mountain Leafless Bossiae

     (Bossiaea bractesa)

Localised above 1000m

Flowers November to January.


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