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  1. Victoria's High Country,
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  4. North western Australia
I have always had a love for the Australian Bush and most of all, the High Country of South Eastern Victoria. There is nothing better in life than to sit by the campfire and hear the sounds of the bush day or night, there is always something to see. 

Travelling can be great, but without local knowledge you can miss so much, the local tracks and hidden camp sites. The history of the early miners, settlers and the many stories from a bygone era can be found across the Victorias high country and much of Australia. 

For over 44 years I have collected a large range of photos, videos and sound files Etc! from all around Australia, there is always something new to find or see. 

Its all out there, all you have to do is go to enjoy the experience.

You never know you might meet me out and about some where across the Australia. 

Ham Radio VK3AMN more info at

If you would like to contact me to me try on the 737-0480 or the Hamradio net  

21.185 MHz travellers' net is conducted daily, Monday to Saturday, at 0100 UTC for about one hour. On Sundays it runs from 0100 UTC for 30 minutes only.

Or on The 20 metre travellers' net operates on 14.116 each and every day of the year. The actual net commences at 0300 UTC, but most stations call in during the hour preceding 

 or try at 08:00-09:00am EST 80mt 3.008Mhz  + or - QRM

Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays I'm on this net most weeks of the year. 

If your in Melbourne try 439.750 FM 

You my find me out and about somewhere in Australia.

Just say GoodDay. 

  photo by Ed McNabb.

                                      photo by Jim McNabb.

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swamp_wallaby.jpg (32402 bytes) From Morwell N/P with young

Jim McNabb hard at work, on the Nicholson River. 1996

   Black Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor)


My trip to North-western Australia in 2006 South Australia


South Australia

Great places

South Eastern Victoria.


Some of the common plants from South Eastern Victoria.



Some of the Orchids from South Eastern Victoria.



Some of the Huts are still there, but so many have disappeared now some due to vandalism. It's a shame that so much of the history has been lost for ever.

We lost many more huts in the last fires (2002). All that is left of the huts are photos.         




Just a few of the so many camping places in South Eastern  Victoria.


Owls and Nightjars 


From the south Eastern Victoria with sound



  My favourite mammals with sound.

Dogs Grave   

There is a great story behind the dog grave, find out more click on the link to find out its history.

Lonely Graves

Forgotten graves are across the high country and many have been long forgotten.  

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