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Last update 11th July 2016


In Australia we have a great range of Native Orchids, here are just some from around Bunyip State Park.

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Donkey Orchid

(Diuris longifolia)

Flowers November to April.


 Brown Beak Orchid

(Lyperanthus suaveolens)

Flowers August to November.

Pink Fingers

(Caladenia carnea)

  Flowers August to December.


Sun Orchid

(Thelymitro venosa)

Flowers December to January.


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     more to come

Bird Orchids

(Chiloglottis gunnii)

Flowers mid-spring to early summer.

Hyacinth Orchid

(Dipodium punctum)

Flowers from November to April.

Small Tongue-orchid

(Cryptostylis leptochila)

Flowers from August to early summer



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