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North-western Australia.

Ok before we start traveling in Western Australia I would like to tell you about Western Australia today, you are 30 years to late if you want to travel the way the Leylandís Brothers did, every land holder has put fences up along all roads giving you no camping along any of the roads, there is no way you can get off the road so you end up having to pay the land holders for a Supermarket car park camping areas or you camp in a caravan  park and or a National Park or State Parks, none of them under stand that the one reasons I went to the outback was to camp alone and away from other people so I can record and photograth birds and mammals, having to camp in Supermarket car park camping areas every where I went I could not do any worth while recording.

 I will not return to Western Australia and I will tell any one thinking of traveling about up north to think again, the cost of Diesel at about 75%+ more than down south, $50+ for each flat, (if they can they will sell you a new tube each time at $25+ each) $17+ each night in a Park or $30+ in any caravan park and that's only for the two of us, god help you if you break down they can charge you what ever they like and they get away with it. I  got a bad dose of Diesel in Alice Springs they charged me $1100 and week in a caravan park to fix it. (just put some new hoses and clean out the tank)  With this greed it's no wonder the numbers of people traveling up North is dropping, You may have some great places but you are to greedy and you will lose in the long run no one will come up there. The other complaint I have is that all the best camping areas are closed to the public and are for tour companies use only, I got locked out of all the best spots.  How hard do you think you can you milk travellers before they stop coming.   

 You have more freedom in Victoria, In the Parks we donít make people camp on top of every one else, you can camp in any State forest any where you like, roads are open to all users. (only in the winter are some roads closed) 

I was even chased around the parks at night by the ranger because I left the camping ground at night.

 Thatís the way they run their Parks, they can keep them I wonít be back.

 I will go back to South Australia but the cost of the outback Pass is a bit high, the people are great.


I will not go back to Western Australia or the Northern Territory with there Supermarket car park camping areas.





The Back Ground is Camping in Saw Tooth Gorge Western Australia.

Copyright © Jim McNabb 1994-2025 All rights reserved.