From South Eastern Australia.

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Last update 11th July 2016


Spotlighting and listening, is the only way to find Owls and Possums.

I spotlight with a 100w sealed beam, powered by a lead acid battery, have a place in the 4X4 to recharge it. This will give me about 2.5hrs light for walking about looking for what ever I can find in the bush. You have to look in many different types of forest from alpine to the lowlands to get this range of Possums.


Brushtail.jpg (21782 bytes) Greater-glider.jpg (28036 bytes) leadbeaters.jpg (31975 bytes) ringtail.jpg (28080 bytes)

Brushtail Possum

(Trichosurnus vulpecula)


Greater Glider

  (Petauroides volans)

Leadbeater's Possum

 (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri)


 Ringtail Possum

(Pseudocheirus peregrinus)

This mum and baby lived in a tree out front of my house, I put a nest box up some 36 years ago and ever since, we have had some one living in it. We have to live with them and if we provide a place for them to live in, then they will not move into the roof of our house.   Never a sound, but their eye shine in the spotlight beam gives them away.  

I love watching them glide with their long tail streaming behind them.

Very hard to find. 

It has taken me many years to get any photos. 

A very active possum, I have seen one jump from a tree (about 10 meters up) to the ground to escape a Southern Boobook.

Common Ringtail they love rose-buds 

Powerful Owl main food and requires up to 300 each year.  

pygmy.jpg (26641 bytes)Gembrook Sate Park.more to comemore to come

more to come     

Eastern Pygmy Possum.

(Cercartetus nanus)

This Pygmy Possum was on the ground trying to run across a track to a Narrow-leaved Peppermint (Eucalypts radiata) that was in flower late October 1988.



Copyright Jim McNabb 1994-2025 All rights reserved.