Just some of the 

Huts still there 1982-2000 

So many have been lost now from wildfires, soon all that will be left is Photo's and fading memories. 

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Last update 11th July   2016


The huts were built by the early cattlemen and miners. All the huts have a history, many books have been written about the forgotten era.


Dartmouth-hut1.jpg (72928 bytes) Dartmouth-painting.jpg (56302 bytes)Nicholson-hut.jpg (60910 bytes) was about 10km North BairnsdalePerkins-hut.jpg (50854 bytes)
was a great hut lost to fire 2005

This painting was on the back wall inside the hut. This hut has now been destroyed by fire.

This hut was on the Nicholson River up to around 1997 lost to fire 1999. Perkins Hut around 1996.
Stirling-hut.jpg (319087 bytes) all thats left of the township of Stirling Mt-Murphy-hut-.jpg (80753 bytes) last hut at the Tungston mine

This is all that's left of the township of Stirling, if you look hard you can see the remains of a hut in the back ground, over the other side of Haunted stream there is the foundation from the way station and pub.

 This old miners hut was on  Mt Murphy around 1986.

Treasures hut Dargo hight plains. There are three huts still standing Number 1 is still in good order but 2 and 3 are on there last legs and will only stand for few more years, the 4th hut has collapsed.   30th November 2005

Treasures huts Number 2,3,4


Copyright Jim McNabb 1994-2025 All rights reserved.